Friday, October 28, 2011

Time capsule.

In a blink of the eye, 6 weeks have passed..

6. weeks.

...since the day I enrolled into SEGi University College for Medicine.

Time passes very fast when u enjoy the things u do in life.

In these 6 fun weeks, I finally understood things I never did.

I finally realize the importance of understanding things,

I am now able to build a concept on tackling exams, all by understanding..

Everything makes sense when u read 'em word by word and take the time off to understand everything taught.

It pays off and I find life more rewarding,
its more than the usual nerd sessions i have at the library or home.

I find myself closer and closer towards my goal, of becoming a Doctor.

And I must say, I'm having the best time of my life thanks to the proper guidance of the Dean and his group of lecturers.


Understanding, in other contexts,

Is what brings people together.

It bridges the gap between 2 people, holding them close

The stronger this bond becomes, the more life becomes rewarding..

For now I can only afford to cover up this pain with work..

After all, work is like morphine to me..

I use it to ease my suffering, and it is addictive..

Something in me hurt when I read what others wrote,
I can feel the tears coming out..

Clearly I have not reached that level of understanding with u, yet..

But I hope,
and I'm optimistic,
that we will find day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Midnight Ocean

Thank you..

You showed us the path to walk on..

You guided us, placed our feet on the ride track..

Then u proceed to let us explore the roads.

Though u never guide us by the hand,
u were always there incase we fall..

You pick us right up and guide us again..


Moonlight Ocean

Thx to u.. I've learned to broaden my horizons,
broaden my views on life.

I view the world in a more peaceful state.

My conscious part, residing in me,
awakens to the calling.

I see the world as one,
where all unite and eventually return to Mother Earth.

I no longer pity the living,
I no longer answer to the call of burden,
I no longer bow and heed the order of pressure.

I embrace my existence and choose to excel,
I want to fly as high as I can,
I want to flap my wings and soar the skies,

I want to tear through the clouds,
and fly as far as I can

Ride towards that little speck on the edge of the sea..
That little island called Hope,
I want to feel the warmth of the sun,
As it sets under me.

Then I will touch the stars and moon,
I will reach out to them.
Draw them on the black cold sky..

I watch the moon cast its beam all over the ocean,
together,I embrace my lover and see the ocean tides reside,

I watch the stars shine as the waves beat on my legs,
And watch the ripples form before my eyes
I embrace my love,

And tell myself how grateful I am to be alive.

To return from despair,

To view the world as a never ending source of life,

To view this chance given as a new start,

To aim and renew my faith,

I decide to fly as high as I can.

My past tells no story worth learning,
I left them behind,
on an island called Yesterday.

My companions,
some are of no value to my undertaking of life,
They weigh like anchors and I drag them like steel balls..
I drop them over the sea I flown by.

My attitude, dry and coarse like the sand,
Incompetence, idiocy and arrogance,
I left all over the magenta sky I flew by.

I fly towards a new challenge everday,

A testament that I am still moving and ticking,

A prove that I am still fighting,

A prove that still alive.

Though come storm and heavy winds,
The past eventually catches up with me,
But fly forward and flap harder I will,

Though come cold breeze and hailstorms,
The present will find a spark within and ignite it,
But ignore, and concentrate on the island, I will.

Though come warm and humid days,
I will find the courage I had when I chose to fly,
And tell myself I have to live for tomorrow,
I have to live for next time,
I have to live till I reach that island,
I have to live till I embrace my love,on the rocky shores of Hope..

I can't live everyday like its the last,
for one day..
It will certainly become a reality.

I will never stop till I find this island,
I will need ur hand till then,

Till then,

Thank you,Prof. Hamdan

Friday, October 7, 2011



"I walk alone.."

There are certain paths I must attempt, alone.

I will have no help from anyone.

I will endure all the pain,
for the fruit harvested at the end of this gruesome journey..
is sweet and eternally rewarding.

I will never have a word to say about it..


"I move, by moonlight"

I act, and do things as told by my heart.

I feel, and act them out.

I slumber at the sight of daylight..

Only to re-appear at moonlight's presence.


"I bleed for the greater good."

I sell myself out for the benefit of thou.

Be it friend or foe, I hath no honor remained in thy.

I give more, for those u chose to give less.

I bleed more, for those who are selfish in life.


"I walk the roads less taken,
I choose the path of pain,
at the sight of a split road."

I walk onwards with responsbility..

I am but a shadow, stripped off everything.

I wield only one, courage.

And march on, never doubting any other option..

For it is I, that decide my paths and choice in life.

Responsbility over personal gain,
I deny thyself other worldly pleasure..

"I long for u,my Priestess of the Moon.."

Till then,